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4 Tips for Setting up Wire Shelving Safely in Your Business

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Wire shelving is easy to set up and stays clean easily. Wire shelving allows for open storage that is easy to customize. When using wire shelving in your business, you want to make sure you set the shelving up properly.

Make Sure the Flooring Is Level

One of the most important but often overlooked aspects when setting up wire shelving units is the level of the floor. Before setting up wire shelving units, you need to make sure the floor where you want to put the units is level. Uneven floors can lead to your shelving units being unstable. If there are loose tiles, fix those before installing your shelving. If the floor is just completely uneven, build the floor up to make it level, or tear the flooring out and start again. If that isn't an option, purchase wire shelving with adjustable feet so you can adjust for the slight unevenness in your floor and create a safe work environment.

Mount the Shelving Accurately

Second, you need to make sure you mount the shelving correctly. Don't just put the shelving up and expect it to be durable. Wire shelving is designed to be mounted in place. Many wire shelving units are designed to be mounted via brackets directly into the studs in your wall. Other wire shelving units are designed to be mounted directly onto the floor for added stability. Make sure you properly mount the shelving, using the installation brackets to increase the strength and stability of the shelving unit.

Know the Weight Limits

When installing the shelving, make sure you know the weight limits. Install shelving that can handle the weight of whatever you want to put on the shelf. If necessary, hang up signs to remind employees of the weight restrictions for the wire shelving in your business. As you start to use the wire shelving, be sure to distribute the weight evenly. You want to add weight to the shelving from the bottom up, and you want to keep the weight spread out so its not all on one side or one place in order to maintain the stability of your shelving unit.

Follow Manufacturing Directions

Finally, be sure to read the manufacturer guidelines that come with your shelving unit. There may be different installation rules or weight limits based on which manufacturer you purchased your shelving from, so don't assume you know how to correctly install the shelving just because you have previously installed or used a different wire shelving unit.

When setting up wire shelving, you want to put the wire shelves on level flooring. You need to mount the shelving securely to the walls. Make sure you know the weight limits and don't overload your shelving unit. Always follow the manufacturing recommendations.