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Follow These Rules For An Excellent Unpacking Experience

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When you finally arrive at your new home and have all of your boxes unloaded into its interior, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The hardest parts of moving are over, but you do still need to unpack. To make sure your unpacking process goes as smoothly as possible, follow these rules.

Rule #1: Unpack what you need first.

Unpacking can take a while. It's probably not a process you can tackle in one day -- or even three. So, start by unpacking the things you really need first. This includes basic kitchen utensils and equipment, hygiene items, and clothing that's in season. Once you have the bare bones of what you need to live day-to-day unpacked, you can take your time with the rest of it.

Rule #2: Sort the boxes by room.

Before you get too far into the unpacking process, sort your boxes by room. Put the ones that contain kitchen items in the kitchen, those that contain living room items in the living room, and so forth. This will save you from having to carry boxes back and forth every time you start doing a little unpacking. It will also help you keep track of what you still need to do. For instance, you can look at at the kitchen and see that you have three boxes left to unpack in there.

Rule #3: Get rid of boxes as you go.

The number of boxes you used to pack can be overwhelming. Allow them to pile up, and your new home will feel messy and cluttered, making it harder for you to decide where to put certain decorations and items. So, get into the habit of getting rid of boxes as you go. At the end of each unpacking sessions, carry the boxes to your garage and break them down. When recycling day comes around, put them out to the street.

Rule #4: Put things away as you unpack them.

Unboxing everything and leaving it on the floor will leave you with yet another overwhelming task -- putting it all away. You'll feel more organized if you unpack a box, put the items away, and then unpack another box. If you come across a box of items that you don't know where to put yet, set that box aside and unpack it later once you have other items in place.

With the tips above, unpacking does not have to be overly burdensome. Talk to a long distance moving company, such as Men On The Move, for more suggestions.