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3 Reasons Moving Blankets Are A Wise Investment Before A Residential Move

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From finding a moving truck to tracking down all the boxes you need, there are all kinds of things that go along with a residential move. In your effort to get all the supplies you need, you may forget one highly important thing: moving blankets. Moving blankets, which are also referred to as transport or moving pads, are thick blanket-like items that have an array of good uses during a move. Here are three reasons you do need moving blankets when you are in the process of moving:

Moving blankets protect your wooden furniture from scuffs and scratches. 

That armoire you've had for years, those lovely walnut dining chairs, or that wood-framed mirror are all in danger of being damaged during your move. Most of this damage will come from bumping against other items during transport from the house into the moving truck and vice versa. Wrapping these items in a blanket allows a layer of cushioning between your precious wooden furniture and anything it could bump into along the way.

Moving blankets are useful for moving stacks of boxes. 

If you have a hand truck, you can stack several boxes on top of each other to move more than one at a time. The only problem with doing this is the boxes can be unstable when stacked, making them hard to move. You can wrap a stack of boxes in a blanket and strap the blanket in place to give the boxes more stability while you maneuver the hand truck to the moving truck with your boxes. 

Moving blankets can be used to protect your home during the move. 

Moving, in general, can leave you with some damages in and around your home. From scratched floors because of scooting heavy furniture to dings on walls when maneuvering bulky items, a lot of these damages can be prevented with moving blankets. You can:

  • Slip a moving blanket under heavy furniture to scoot it easier across a hard-surface floor
  • Tack moving blankets onto the wall to prevent dings in the drywall
  • Protect door frames with moving blankets when moving bulky items through

With a few extra blankets on hand, it will be easier to ensure you don't inadvertently cause damages to your home as you're moving your stuff. 

In the end, having moving blankets on hand can completely change how safely your belongings arrive at your new place. If you would like to rent or buy moving blankets for your move, ask your local moving company for advice and information. Contact a company like Fairfax  Transfer and Storage Inc. for more information and assistance.