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Moving Your Existing Appliances To Your New Home? What You Need To Know About Moving Companies And Those Appliances

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Hiring a mover to assist you with your move can help relieve some of the stress that comes with this task. Movers can help you pack, load, transport and unload your belongings. Regular movers may even help you to transport your appliances from one location to another. However, this is not all that goes into moving appliances. As such, if you are looking to move appliances, you will want to hire a mover that offers appliance moving services. Here are a few of the things you need to know about moving companies and the appliances you are moving:

Will a Moving Company Move Appliances?

A moving company will transport a disconnected appliance to your new home. This includes items like a stove, fridge, washing machine, and dryer. However, all they will do is move it from one location to another.

What Does an Appliance Moving Service Do That a Regular Mover Won't?

A regular mover will not connect or disconnect your appliances to water or power sources, nor will they prepare the appliance for the move. A moving company that offers appliance moving services will perform these tasks for an additional fee. When you hire a professional for appliance moving, they will first disconnect the appliance. This may include disconnecting it from a power source and removing any water lines or hoses. From there, the appliance will be prepared to be moved. This may include bracing a washer tub in the washing machine so it doesn't shift during transport or removing trays from the fridge so they don't fall and break. This also includes creating or using moving blankets to protect the exterior of the appliance against dings, dents, and scratching. The appliance is then transported to the new location, where an appliance moving service can re-connect it for you.

Is There Anything You Need to Do When You Hire an Appliance Moving Service?

It is highly recommended that you clean the appliance thoroughly prior to moving it. Also, you will need to schedule the capping of gas lines with your gas company if you are removing and/or disconnecting any gas appliances in the home.

Why Does a Gas Company Still Need to Be Called When Moving Gas Appliances With an Appliance Moving Service?

An appliance moving service is not allowed to cap the gas line. It is important that gas line is turned off once the appliance is disconnected, which an appliance moving service will do. However, capping the gas line helps to ensure no unexpected gas can enter the home if the shutoff valve fails.

If you are moving appliances from your home to a new one, you may want to consider hiring an appliance moving service for those items or a professional mover who offers appliance moving services in conjunction with regular residential moving services. This helps to ensure that your appliances are properly moved and that you do not have to disconnect or reconnect them.

Contact a local relocation moving service for more information and assistance.